About Us

What we do

  • Collect Dues
  • Expenditures: Landscaping and related entrance expenses, legal, banking &other required expenses, Directory-Easter Egg Hunt, Pizza Party/Fall Festival, Luminaries, Ice Cream or Food Trucks, Communications
  • Approximate % expenses:
  Landscaping for entrances  45% 
  Legal, insurance, required items  30% 
  Maintenance  10%
  Directories  8% 
  Events  7% 




  • January/February meeting
    • New officers and board members “official” start is Jan 1
    • Confirm date, time and place for Easter Egg Hunt-also see October
    • Evaluate data for dues and member numbers for the prior fiscal year.
    • Prepare for directory distribution to block captains.
    • Check on timing of irrigation start.
  • April/March meeting
    • Review dues and membership numbers. Plan for ice cream or food truck socials in spring and summer -Memorial Day-Independence Day events.
  • July meeting
    • Prepare for following year dues e-mails—sending an early e-mail reminder in September?
    • The notice should be clear that membership runs Jan 1-Dec 31. Include in that e-mail a % breakdown for expenses. Remind homeowners that the RCA takes care of the first block entrance on Old Gun because the developer established an easement in that area to the association.
    • Prepare for fall events--- Labor Day ice cream or food truck. Pizza Party in mid-late Sept.  Yard sale in Sept or early Oct-newspaper notice, charity pickup truck that afternoon. Communicate dates pickup time with Charter Woods and Brairwood.  Fall Festival late October 
    • Check landscaping contract for next year. Cross Creek --Andrew McAuliffe
    • Winterize irrigation system –Richmond Irrigation-Cross Creek
    • Prepare for luminaries-currently ordered through Salisbury Women’s Club and Sally Young. The board distributes bags and candles to block captains. Send e-mail to block captains with date and location for pickup party for block captains. Remind members in a newsletter they will need sand/kitty litter/dirt to anchor the bags and prevent fires
    • For dues collection decide on second or third set of e-mails as well as Post Office mailing to non-respondents in early December.
    • Send e-mail thank you/receipt  to those who have paid dues—this can probably be continuous as checks come in—need to decide who sends these. 
    • Obtain a site for Easter Egg Hunt prior to Jan/Feb meeting.
    • Prepare for Christmas/Winter decorations for entrances
    • The LAST and MOST important item to close the meeting-elect following year officers and board. 


Block Captains Responsibilities

  • Pick up and distribute luminaries and directories.
  • Inform the Board when a house is listed and/or sold. Greet the new neighbors-obtain welcome pack from the board—or welcome chairperson OR have welcome chairperson do the greeting.

 Committee Responsibilities

  • Social Committee  Organize large events-Easter Egg Hunt, Fall Pizza Party, Fall Festival- dates, locations. Smaller events-ice cream truck, food trucks-Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day-others. Consult with the board on these events especially the treasurer for previous budgets.
    Note: Easter Egg Hunt 2017 was at Anna and Dan Geilman on Chartstone. Several years before it was at Chris and Dana Johnson on Framar. Some years earlier it was at Ripps and Olivers (two yards) on Famar. Geilmans rented a popcorn machine as well as a cotton candy machine.          
  • Landscaping Committee Once or twice a year walk both entrances to check on their condition. If work needs to be done report to the Board. Consult with Cross Creek when we need new plantings.
  • Decorations Committee  Decorate both entrances. Currently starting to purchase more for Christmas season. Consider/plan for Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day decorations—red, white, blue?